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The ecoegg Laundry Egg®

Take care for your family with every load of clean clothes.

Why choose ecoegg?

Our simple, innovative products clean your family’s clothes while being better for the planet. See why simple better clean works …

It’s so simple: We have found a way to be kinder to the planet while handling laundry tasks. 

We never test on animals nor do we use any animal derivatives, so ecoegg is suitable for vegans.

The ecoegg is better for sensitive skin: dermatological tests gave us an “excellent” rating.

Our products get your laundry clean without using  harmful chemicals.

Clean up single-use plastic: Use our refillable Laundry Egg, guaranteed for 10 years.

Our cardboard packaging is from FSC-approved sustainable sources and is recyclable.

“Channel 13 Investigates went out and bought them, tested them out, so you don’t have to”

“There have been many new products, techniques and hacks I’ve tried on my conscious-living journey. There’s been the good, bad and stupid, but a few rise above as game-changers that have become a permanent part of my life. The laundry soap product EcoEgg is one of those, which has prompted me to write this EcoEgg review.”

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ecoegg Laundry and Dryer Egg Bundle®

Replace laundry detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets, all in one box. The ecoegg Laundry and Dryer Egg Bundle is a laundry solution, with no harsh chemicals, so it’s kind to your skin, while reducing single-use plastic.

ecoegg Ultimate Bundle®  Starter Kit

This is the ultimate laundry solution. This bundle comes with the Laundry Egg, an egg case cupholder, plus the Detox Tablet to deep-clean your machine for a fresh start. The kit also includes a pair of dryer eggs to round out the full ecoegg laundry experience, all for $10 off.

ecoegg Laundry Egg Refill Pellets®

Reuse your ecoegg Laundry Egg over and over again with these refills of ecoegg pellets. Each pack gives you 50 washes.

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At ecoegg, we’re passionate about producing innovative products that are better for your family. They simplify your life. They clean your clothes without harmful chemicals (better for for people with sensitive skin, and, well, everyone else), and are easier on your wallet.
Simple. Better. Clean.


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