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How Does the ecoegg Laundry Egg Work?


The ecoegg Laundry Egg replaces the laundry detergent and fabric softener you add to your washing machine. Simply toss it into the washing machine with your clothes, set the correct cycle for the clothes you’re cleaning and let the Laundry Egg get to work. But you’re probably wondering, how does this rattling egg with its load of little mineral pellets actually clean your laundry? Let us explain!

First, let’s take a look at what you’re putting into the washer with your family’s clothes, sheets, and towels. After all, it makes sense to know what you’re using. First are the white mineral pellets: They are made up of biodegradable surfactants, stabilizers, builders, and binders. These pellets do most of the actual cleaning.

The dark gray mineral pellets are tourmaline. These help to soften the laundry. Together, the pellets in your Laundry Egg work to clean your laundry for optimum results. In addition, the physical mechanics of the egg case are another factor that helps to remove dirt from your clothes too, much like a traditional hard bar of soap (or even a stone) would have done. Here’s an interesting article which explains more about the history of laundry.

How ecoegg Mineral Pellets Work

Surfactants are molecules that have one end that is attracted to water and one end attracted to air. They change the way air and water interact, breaking the surface tension of the water. The water’s surface tension is a powerful force at the molecular level. The surfactants in the laundry pellets modify that tension, while the Laundry Egg jostles in the water to add air to the equation. The result: the surfactants combine with the water to lift away dirt from the fabrics: One end of the surfactant molecule binds to the water molecules, while the other end binds to dirt and grease. This is how the ecoegg Mineral Pellets help water to take hold of the dirt and grease, break it up, and wash it away.

The other ingredients in the white pellets, stabilizers, builders, and binders, ensure that the dirt and grime now held in the water does not get caught up again in the fabric of your clothes. These ingredients ensure a clean rinse cycle in your washer.

The dark gray tourmaline pellets naturally ionize the water, making it slightly more alkaline. Alkaline water helps to lift dirt better but more importantly softens the fabric of your clothes but it does it naturally, rather than using harsh chemicals. The white and dark gray mineral pellets work together to provide you with a clean and fresh laundry load, at a great price and with reduced waste!

Light Fragrance or Fragrance-Free Options

The white mineral pellets can also include a blend of food-grade essential oils (food grade) to create the final fragrance for your Laundry Egg. Our fragrance choices include Spring Blossom and Clean Linen. Of course, we also offer the pellets in a Fragrance Free option. Our fragrances offer just a subtle hint of scent, as this helps to ensure our Laundry Eggs are suitable for sensitive skin, and are hypoallergenic. It also means ecoegg doesn’t introduce any harmful chemicals into our waterways. It’s important to remember that just because your clothes are not highly scented, it doesn’t mean they’re not clean — we’ve all come to associate the strong fragrances of harsh detergents and chemical fabric softeners with cleanliness, and that’s really not accurate.

How to Refill Your ecoegg Laundry Egg

When you receive your ecoegg Laundry Egg, you have to fill it with pellets: 
First, Press the button on the ecoegg and twist it so the parts separate.
Next, pour the white mineral pellets and dark gray mineral pellets into the larger part of the Laundry Egg (that’s the part that the button is on).
After that, put the other part of the ecoegg on, and give it a twist until the button clicks into place. You’re ready to go.
Toss the filled ecoegg Laundry Egg into your machine with a load of clothes.

Watch a Video of how to use your ecoegg Laundry Egg here.

It’s important to note, the Laundry Egg needs water to activate the mineral pellets, so it’s important to ensure your machine has enough room for the water to flow around the clothes. While we don’t recommend doing light loads as it’s a waste of resources, your ecoegg Laundry Egg will work much better if the machine isn’t stuffed with clothes. Over time, the mineral pellets will decrease in size. After the first 70 washes or so, you’ll see the pellets will have decreased to roughly half their original size. That’s when you know it’s time to refill your Laundry Egg. Simply add the new pellets on top of the old ones and keep on washing. It’s that simple. Simple Better Clean.

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