Ecoegg – Bamboo Towels – Environmentally Friendly Replacement for Kitchen Roll

ecoegg Bamboo Towels

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What are ecoegg Bamboo Towels?

Our ecoegg Bamboo Towels are an eco-friendly, replacement for kitchen roll in the home. Made from bamboo, our ecoegg Bamboo Towels are reusable, strong and absorbent, and can be washed up to 85 times, giving you up to 1700 uses per roll.

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How do Bamboo Towels work?

Unlike normal kitchen roll, which you use once and then throw away, these, are reusable; just pop them in your washing machine and wash at or below 40 degrees. They can be washed up to 85 times per sheet and they get softer every time you do!
Bamboo is one of the strongest and most absorbent natural substances. Use them wet or dry for spills, messes, cleaning, wiping, dusting and drying. They never scratch and never leave any lint or residue.

What are the benefits of Bamboo Towels?

By swapping to ecoegg Bamboo Towels, you will not only reduce single use plastic packaging, but they will also save you money, making them kinder to the environment and your pocket.

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