Ecoegg - Microfibre Cloths - scratch and streak free

ecoegg Microfibre Cloths (2 pack)


Versatile, streak-free, scratch free cleaning

  • Pack of two cloths
  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Effective cleaning with water alone

The ecoegg Microfibre Cloths are perfect for use alongside many of our products and provide effective cleaning all over the home.

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Great quality

These cloths are super soft and scratch free, making them perfect for all sorts of household jobs. The ecoegg Microfibre cloths contain thousands of tiny fibres which trap the dirt, removing it from your surfaces, providing effective cleaning using water alone. Use in the kitchen, car, on windows, for dusting, washing up and more! These are perfect to use with our ecoegg Hard Surface Cleaner. Once you have applied the cleaner to your surface with the sponge provided, simply rinse and wipe the cleaner off with these soft, scratch free Microfibre Cloths.

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