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How do you use the ecoegg Laundry Egg case?

The Laundry Egg case comes in a number of colors that you can either match to the fragrance or use to identify different washes.  Buying a spare Laundry Egg case and Laundry Egg Refills is an excellent way to do this. Simply add the refills to the egg case, and you are good to go.

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Perhaps you have the Fragrance Free Laundry Egg, but are not keen on the color yellow? Now you can use your Fragrance-Free pellets in a pink egg!

Maybe you like to be super organized and want to have one Laundry Egg for each type of washing load. Choose one color for your towels, one for your children’s clothes and one for sportswear, etc. Or have a different color for whitening refill pellets.

What are the benefits of the Laundry Egg Case?

If your machine is vast, you may need to add two ecoegg Laundry Eggs to your wash to get the best results.

Buying a spare Laundry Egg case and tourmaline pellets separately is an excellent way to do this. Then simply add the mineral pellets and tourmaline pellets to the egg, and you are good to go.

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Blue/Fresh Linen, Yellow/Fragrance Free, Dark Pink/Lotus Flower, Light Pink/Spring Blossom, White/With whitener, Orange/Jasmine, Orange/Orange Blossom, Dark Blue/British Blooms, Purple/Lavender, Turquoise/Ocean Breeze, Grey

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