ecoegg Laundry Egg May Be Your Solution for Sensitive Skin

It’s that time of year when we all get a little more … sensitive. The holidays are over, days are short and dark, and it’s cold across much of the country. All of these factors are enough to make anyone feel a little “thin-skinned.”

After all, the air is dry—not holding a lot of moisture like a humid summer day—and many of us find ourselves bundling up in layers. Sometimes, these bulky fabrics can cause our skin to chafe a bit. There’s more clothing and it’s often covering more of our skin for more of the day.

For those of us with sensitive skin or who take care of family members with skin that calls for special care, it’s important to pay attention to the details. Remember, the discomfort of itching and flaking skin can just about ruin anyone’s day. Scratching through all those layers of clothing is not ideal to begin with, and, if the clothes are washed in harsh chemicals, then the scratching may actually make things worse—even more than just plain scratching, which is bad enough—because the scratching just works the irritation-causing chemicals lingering on clothes into the surface of the skin.

At ecoegg, we know about those chemicals, because we have done the research to find ways not to use them in our laundry products. Many laundry detergents have an ingredients list that reads like a chemistry-lab inventory, and include phosphates, formaldehyde, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate, chlorine bleach, polyethylene glycols, cyclodextrin, ammonium sulfate, dioxane, nonylphenyl ethoxylates, sodium lauryl sulfate, ethanolamine, benzyl acetate, dichlorobenzene, as well as dyes and perfumes.

Many of these chemicals would cause your eyes to water or itch, or cause you to gag from their fumes were you exposed to them—some are even recommended not to be used in enclosed spaces in some concentrations. Some are even considered to be carcinogenic.

There has to be a better way.

Fortunately, there is: ecoegg Laundry Egg and ecoegg Dryer Egg. The ecoegg Laundry Egg, filled with our proprietary combination of white mineral pellets and gray tourmaline pellets, cleans your clothes without all those chemicals and extra, overpowering scents, in a simple, reusable setup. Just fill the Laundry Egg and toss it in the washer with your clothes. The clothes are cleaned in water that’s been softened and ionized, using the right amount of surfactants and binders to pull stains out of the fabric. The wash cycle softens fabric gently, so it won’t irritate skin.

Likewise with ecoegg Dryer Eggs: Your clothes get tumbled through the dryer with a pair of Dryer Eggs, using a design featuring their time-proven “nubs” to beat any remaining coarseness and roughness of freshly washed clothes into submission.

Start the process off right by making sure there’s no chemical residue in your machine. Use an ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet to give your washer a thorough cleaning prior to starting with the ecoegg. The Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets are also included with some of the ecoegg Laundry Kits and Bundles.

The result is clothes that smell clean, and feel soft, without the chemical residues that, with laundry detergents, can rest on your family’s skin all day long (and all night, too, if you’re washing pajamas. Et tu, PJs?)

The results? Clean clothes that look good on you and your family, and don’t expose any of you to residues of harsh chemicals that can cause irritation in those of us with sensitive skin. And that should help warm you up inside, turning those cold winter days to cozy times together.

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