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It happens all the time. The unsung hero of the story, the laborer that does most of the heavy lifting with neither a whimper or complaint, gets no attention or appreciation. Soldiering on through its labors, your reliable partner just keeps on doing the job.

Of course we’re talking about your washing machine. Like most appliances in your house, your washing machine performs its dedicated function reliably and efficiently. You don’t pay any extra attention to it, short of turning its dials, pushing its buttons, and opening and closing its lid or door. Sure, many washer manufacturers recommend that owners of their machines make sure the machine dries out when not in use to prevent mold, and that users wipe down the door seals on front-loading machines, and other maintenance tasks.

Caring for Your Washing Machine
Taking care of your washing machine will ensure better results with your ecoegg Laundry Egg, but here’s a little secret, it will even help when you use liquid laundry detergent, powder detergent, laundry pods, or even laundry strips. But what’s the best way to clean it? Should you fill a bucket with hot, soapy water, grab a mop and climb on in?

Just kidding, there’s no need for that. As anyone who knows ecoegg will tell you, there’s usually a better way.

What are ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets?

That’s why we make ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets. These tablets are easy and economical to use, and keep your washing machine running great.

Here’s how to use them:

  1. First, make sure the tub of your washer is empty.
  2. Put a Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet in the tub (Don’t be tempted to put it in the soap dispenser or bleach cup. It’s formulated to be placed in the tub!)
  3. Run a cycle of the washer on the hottest setting and let it run through completely.
  4. Repeat monthly, or as needed.

Our ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets work to deep-clean your washing machine. When you use one, it removes buildup of liquid detergent and powder-detergent residues. It also cleans the pipes and is safe for septic systems. Like every product we make, our Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets don’t contain harmful chemicals and are never tested on animals. Best of all, it leaves your machine clean, with no overpowering scents.

The ecoegg Washing Machine Cleaner Tablet is a terrific starting point to begin using the ecoegg Laundry Egg as your laundry solution of choice. It’s just the first step to a simple better clean.

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